The Living Handbook of Feelings:

An Affective Vocabulary for Dystopian Subjectivities 

This project endeavors to describe the multiplicity of feelings that arise out of living in our dystopian world. The aim of this project is to highlight the capacity for the humanities to expand upon the individualized and scientific linguistic toolbox of psychology. In describing the discontents and joys of our experiences, I hope to provide a psychic vocabulary for personal and community growth through emotional literacy development. In doing so, I strive to open pathways for (a) resistance to the sociopolitical problems and causes underlying our emotional lives, (b) solidarity through vulnerability, communication, critique, and understanding, and (c) a refreshed, renewed, clearer commitment to the wonders of experience worth protecting and cultivating

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to this project. The document is open-acesss and editable to anyone with the link. You can edit the document above. Go ahead, give it a try! If you feel comfortable, please add your name in the “Contributor(s)” column. When appropriate, I would like this project to take an additive rather than revisionist approach; instead of deleting or editing content, please consider simply adding your thoughts, even and especially if they’re in conflict with or critical of the already existing content.